Staff picks: PopTech's fresh air favorites

Steamboat Springs, CO: Deanna Lafond

For this month's Staff picks, we surveyed the PopTech team to get a sense of some of the most majestic or memorable places they've visited out of doors, whether it's in their own backyards or in far off lands. With fall on the horizon, we hope this list will serve as inspiration to get outside into the fresh air and take advantage of what remains of these lazy days of summer.

  • The most beautiful place I visited this summer was in Steamboat Springs, CO. It was incredibly gorgeous up there; pink clouds which turned the trees pink, beautiful lakes and streams below us, and in the distance, the snow capped Rockies. It is definitely a place I hope to return to many times in my lifetime. (Deanna Lafond, Executive Assistant)

Sloop: Emily Qualey

  • I don't like picking favorites, but a place that certainly holds a special place in my heart is a little island in Penobscot Bay called Sloop, where I celebrate the 4th of July every year with family and friends. (Emily Qualey, Online Producer)

  • Best outdoor place I've ever been= Lamu, on the Kenyan coast of the Indian Ocean, near Somalia. Mangroves for as far as the eye can see, and an amazing village that feels like an outpost at the intersection of the Arab world and Africa. (Dan Barasch, Director of Partnerships)

Rockport Harbor: Jim Ruddy

  • Rockport Harbor from the "Ledges" in Rockport, Maine. (Jim Ruddy, Technical Director)
  • I am over the moon about Baxter State Park in Maine. (Beth Cohen, Director of Media Production)

Camden Snow Bowl: Ollie Wilder

  • Enjoying some late spring skiing after the lifts have all officially closed at the top of the Camden Snow Bowl. (Ollie Wilder, Program Manager, PopTech Accelerator)
  • Tarifa, Spain is a small town on the bottom of Spain with shoulder-wide paths in the middle of town and few amenities for tourists. It's a calm outpost with crumbling remnants of Spain's military past littering the coastline. (Louis Juska, Director of Technology)
  • Lounging on the rocks off Beauchamp Point in Rockport Harbor, Maine. (Leetha Filderman, President)
  • Hands down my favorite place this summer has been Brooklyn Bridge Park. It's truly one of the great outdoor spaces in this city. There's nothing like seeing Met opera under the stars or watching Manhattan outside... with Manhattan itself in the background. (Kiley Lambert, Senior Research Associate)
  • Governor's Island in New York has been a favorite day trip every summer for the past few years. Exploring the remnants of the military base and abandoned barracks, wandering through the public art installations and picnicking at Picnic Point with a view of the Statue of Liberty - plus the ferry ride there and back - make me truly appreciate this unusual destination right here in New York City. (Emily Spivack, Editor-in-Chief)
  • In my mind, nothing beats Beech Hill in Rockport, Maine. A ten-minute meander winds one through an organic blueberry barren to the summit with its glorious view of the Penobscot Bay archipelago and the Beech Nut - a beautiful turn of the century stone picnic structure. The perfect place for picnics, first dates, star gazing, kite flying and marriage proposals, Beech Hill's distinctive hut-and-tall-pines silhouette can be spotted for miles and has long been a landmark for mariners. It's stunningly beautiful. (Keryn Gottshalk, Participant Facilitator)

Where do you like to spend time outside? We'd love to hear your tips and suggestions.  Let us know in the comments below.

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