Staff picks: Summertime adventures

With the dog days of summer upon us, we were curious to learn what adventures PopTech staff have been taking part in - or are planning to embark on - to keep cool. We asked the PopTech crew, both in Camden, Maine, and Brooklyn, New York, for their favorite summertime recreational activities for this month’s Staff picks. What follows is an inspiring list that’ll help you fully embrace these remaining balmy weeks.

  • My urban adventure is bike riding out to Rockaway Beach from the East Village and visiting an old abandoned speakeasy (Dan Barasch, Director of Partnerships)
  • Playing on boats and island hopping in Penobscot Bay (see video above). (Emily Qualey, Online Producer)
  • "A mountain a day" - my wife, Pauline, and I try to climb a mountain most days all summer. Luckily, the Camden, Maine area has relatively small mountains! Our favorites are Ragged Mountain, Bald Mountain and Beech Hill (yes, a decent hill counts) - all with the great payoff at the top of stunning views of Penobscot Bay on one side, and the mountains all the way to New Hampshire on the other. And all preserved by the terrific Coastal Mountains Land Trust. (Ollie Wilder, Program Manager, PopTech Accelerator)
  • Taking Amtrak's Empire Builder between Minneapolis, MN and Portland, OR. It's a great perspective of the upper Midwest and northeastern U.S., from the new oil fields in North Dakota (thanks to fracking) to spotting bear and antelope passing through Cascades Nation Park. It finishes strong on the Columbia Gorge leading up to Portland. The one catch is that you might want to bring your own food as the available options aren't so great. (Andy Dayton, Web Designer)
  • This year, my husband and I are excited to point our truck north and explore Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula. For an adventure close to home, there isn't anything I like better than hopping on the ferry to North Haven island and spending a night, or even just an evening at the ever-welcoming Nebo Lodge. (Keryn Gottshalk, Participant Facilitator)
  • Day trip to Bard’s Hessel Museum of Art in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY to see the Blinky Palermo exhibition with a farm stand pit stop on the way for some fresh-picked strawberries. (Emily Spivack, Editor-in-Chief)
  • Organizing a square dancing party in air conditioning to revisit middle/high school gym days. (Becky Sennett, Marketing and Media Associate)
  • My everyday summer adventure...before work, at lunch, after work...stand up paddle boarding. (Jen Feeney, Producer)

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