The Atlantic's digitization database project

Calling all digital archivists! The Atlantic is building a database to help keep track of the work that librarians, curators and others in the field are doing to digitize important historical collections.

Senior editor Alexis Madrigal recently tweeted a request for folks to share what they are working on. As he explains it, “We think [digital collections] help us situate ourselves in the present by giving us an unvarnished look into the past.”

Researching, scanning and cataloging documents doesn’t necessarily have the glamour of, say, discovering a new species of dinosaur or locating a hidden Egyptian tomb. This database will give folks a chance to share their oft-unsung work with people who can shine a light on what they’re accomplishing. Whether it’s a graduate project scanning the collected letters of an obscure 19th-century poet or a major undertaking like the New York Public Library’s Biblion project, The Atlantic wants to hear about it.

For now, the database will remain private but that could change depending on interest and participation. If you’re working on something that you’d like to share with The Atlantic, fill out the Digitization Database form. Who knows? Perhaps your project will become part of digital history.

Image: DanieVDM

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