The World Rebalancing: Additional speakers announced for PopTech 2011!

As part of our ramp-up to PopTech 2011: The World Rebalancing, we’re excited to announce the next round of amazing people you’ll see on our stage. From the provocative  “Calligraffiti” of Tunisian-born artist eL Seed to the unexpected insights on the future of money from Bernard Lietaer to the world-renowned images of Bangladeshi photographer Shahidul Alam to the “disinformational” comedic stylings of Reggie Watts, this year's conference is defined by our commitment to identifying those on the very edge of social, political, and cultural change.

Today, we’re thrilled to share with you a preview of newly announced PopTech 2011 presenters.

  • Amy J.C. Cuddy is a social psychologist whose latest research illuminates how “faking” body postures that convey competence and power changes our testosterone and cortisol levels, increases our appetite for risk, and configures our brain to cope well in stressful situations.
  • Sarah Fortune, 2010 PopTech Science and Leadership Fellow, is an Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at the Harvard School of Public Health where she studies the pathogenesis of tuberculosis.
  • Adriane Herman is a visual artist who investigates consumption through appropriated imagery and media ranging from archival to edible.
  • Lukas Biewald is Chairman and co-founder of CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing Internet company that breaks large digital projects into small tasks and distributes them to workers around the world.
  • Ethan Berke is a researcher at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice with a particular interest in spatial epidemiology whose research demonstrates the importance of the built environment in a population’s health.  
  • Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is an artist, designer and writer, interrogating emerging technology and science, and exploring the role of design in a biotech revolution through intensive research into synthetic biology.
  • Dava J. Newman, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is most notable for assisting NASA in developing new space activity suits, namely the Bio-Suit, which will provide pressure mechanically, rather than with pressurized gas.
  • Bernard Lietaer, author of The Future of Money (translated in 18 languages), is an international expert in the design and implementation of currency systems.  
  • Micah Garen is a writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker currently at work on three films, one from Iraq, one from Afghanistan, and one on the Egyptian revolution.
  • Shimaa Helmy, a human rights activist from Cairo, Egypt, participated in the 25th of January uprising since the first day and has been organizing for marches, demonstrations and events ever since.
  • Yuna is a Malaysian singer/songwriter who released her debut U.S. EP, Decorate, on the Fader label this spring.
  • eL Seed is a Tunisian-born artist whose often monumental works are a mixture of street art and Arabic calligraphy.
  • Reggie Watts returns to the PopTech stage to share his unique brand of “disinformation” and wry improvisational humor.
  • Shahidul Alam is a photographer, writer, curator, and activist whose most recent book, My Journey As A Witness, is a lucid and personal account of the evolution of one of the most significant movements in contemporary photography, through the eyes and voice of the man who shaped it.
  • David DeSteno is a psychologist and director of the Northeastern University Social Emotions Lab, which examines the mechanisms of the mind that shape social behavior.
  • Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Design, has advanced the art and literature of presentations, emerging with her agency as one of the most sought-after authorities in presentation design.
  • Ladleah Dunn is the Farm Manager at Salt Water Farm, which offers its guests the opportunity to create local, seasonal fare while overlooking Maine's Penobscot Bay.
  • Annmarie Ahearn, owner and chef of Salt Water Farm, is a recent New York City transplant whose experience in the food industry and culinary travels have culminated in a deep appreciation for traditional methods of cooking locally sourced ingredients.

Stay tuned for more details as the conference draws closer and check out our earlier speaker announcement. We hope you’ll join us October 19-22!

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