This week in PopTech: Bad science, DNA sequencing and the Toaster Project's Colbert Report debut

There's always something brewing in the PopTech community. From the world-changing people, projects and ideas in our network, a handful of this week's highlights follows.

  • 2011 Social Innovation Fellow Krista Donaldson runs D-Rev: Design Revolution, which creates world class products designed for the developing world. Donaldson talks to Next Billion about what it takes to design for impact
  • This week we posted an interview with Jonathan Rothberg (PopTech 2011), inventor of high-speed DNA sequencing. Among other things, he explains how much it actually costs to sequence a genome. 
  • In 2010 David de Rothschild (PopTech 2010) built the Plastiki, a boat made from 12,000 plastic bottles. In it, he and his crew of nautical nomads sailed halfway around the world to alert the public about this ecological crisis and the need to reuse discarded plastics. Plastiki & The Material of The Future is a new documentary that takes a closer look at the adventure.

  • In their television show, Parazit, Saman Arbabi and Kambiz Hosseini (PopTech 2011) use the power of satire combined with content from citizens on the street to expose injustices happening across Iran. Yesterday Arbabi and Hosseini were featured guests on Al Jazeera's The Stream in which they participated in a heated discussion on whether VOR is helping Iran's pro-reform movement or if it's actually peddling Washington's agenda. 
  • Ecovative Design founder and 2009 PopTech Fellow Eben Bayer was featured in a Motherboard TV episode on transforming low-value agricultural byproducts into strong biological composites that can be used as biodegradable alternatives to conventional plastics, foams, and packaging materials.

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Image: Plastiki & The Material of The Future

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