This week in PopTech: It's conference time

Next week our annual showcase of world-changing people, projects and ideas commences in Camden, ME. Whether you're joining us in Camden or watching the livestream at home, a handful of ways to maximize your PopTech 2011 experience follows.

  • We've compiled a cohesive PopTech 2011 Twitter list that includes PopTech staff, speakers, performers, Fellows and participants. If you're attending PopTech 2011, have a Twitter account, and you'd like to be added, let us know!
  • The official hashtag for this year's conference is #PopTech2011.
  • Carpool to PopTech 2011 by connecting on Twitter with the hashtag #PopTechCarpool or on this Facebook thread.
  • If you are a Foursquare user, subscribe to our #PopTech2011 list for tips on where to find Wifi, a great cup of coffee or good eats. 
  • We are proud to present the PopTech Film Series—an evening of screenings and discussions to explore the power of film to tell stories and generate lasting social change. This event is free and open to the public. The PopTech Film Series takes place on Friday October 21 at 7:30 pm at the Camden Opera House, 29 Elm Street.

Image: PopTech Instagram

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