This week in PopTech: Marriage myths and why we lie

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There's always something brewing in the PopTech community. From the world-changing people, projects and ideas in our network, a handful of this week's highlights follows.

  • We kicked off the week with a great remix of Zee Avi’s (PopTech 2009) Concrete Wall. You're definitely going to want to add this one to your summer playlist.
  • In Why We LieDan Ariely (PopTech 2009) took "a close look at why people cheat, using a variety of experiments and looking at a panoply of unique data sets—from insurance claims to employment histories to the treatment records of doctors and dentists." He found that, "in a nutshell: Everybody has the capacity to be dishonest, and almost everybody cheats—just by a little."
  • Stephanie Coontz (PopTech 2010, PopTech 2011) tackled five myths about marriage this week in the Washington Post. At PopTech 2010 Coontz shared that ironically, as marriage is becoming a more emotionally satisfying relationship, it is also becoming less stable as an institution.

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Image: Jenn and Tony Bot

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