This Week in PopTech: "Smart" Energy Grid, an Arctic Bunker and the Edge of Change


  • This week we also released Massoud Amin’s 2009 PopTech talk on the critical need for a “Smart” Energy Grid. Massoud believes this will provide national as well as environmental and financial security.
    WATCH: Massoud Amin: A Smart Grid
  • We explored a bunker in the Arctic that stores the seed for human survival. Agricultural impresario Cary Fowler gave the PopTech audience a sneak peak of the seed vault as it was being constructed.
    WATCH: Cary Fowler: Conserving Bio-Diversity
  • We’re still collecting quotes on failure. We got some great ones this week, so keep ’em coming. “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

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