Tweet & greet: Get to know PopTechers on Twitter

Green Fail Whale

Want a great way to get to know PopTech speakers and performers before they hit the big stage in October? Follow them on Twitter!

From physics professors to pop stars, almost everyone is on Twitter these days. Even if you're not an active participant in social media, you can follow folks on Twitter and see what they're thinking about, reading, and recommending to their followers. It's a fascinating way to glean a richer understanding of who they are and what their work is. Who knows? You might have something in common (Love of cocker spaniels? Relatives in Cleveland? A snowglobe collection?) that you wouldn't have known about otherwise. And nothing breaks the ice at a cocktail party better than saying "I saw your Tweet last night about narwhals, terrific stuff!"

Twitter is also a great way to navigate the social waters at the PopTech conference itself. I arrived a night early in Maine last year and wrote back to someone who Tweeted looking for a dinner companion. I ended up having supper with an enthusiastic young entrepreneur who was a first-time PopTech conference attendee. It was a great way to kick off the week, and I met someone I wouldn't have otherwise. To me, that's the real power of social media.

You can follow a curated list of PopTech 2011 presenters via the PopTech Twitter account. For a behind the scenes look at conference goings-on (and other wacky stuff), follow the PopTech staff list. And if your interested in seeing who's talking about or attending the conference in Camden this year, check out the hashtag #PopTech2011. I'm @mriggen and I'll see you in Maine! 

Image: DaniloRamos via Flickr

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