Video: Nicholas Felton on News and Infographics

You may have heard about Nicholas Felton’s personal Annual Report, where he compiles the sum of his yearly experiences—in 2009, 33,817 music tracks, 38 chairlift rides, $0.05 per mile to fly—into a comprehensive view of his daily life patterns. (Want to visualize your habits? Use his site Daytum.)

For PopTech 2009, Nicholas collaborated with Rob Deeming and Ken Reisman to analyze one week of The New York Times’ front pages along with the associated comments and user-generated content.

From the research, they created the report What We Are Saying, where emoticons are weighted and findings include the profound: “We Are Not the Sum of Our Headlines.”

Find out more about the report and how conversations are mapped in the report:

What do you think the report says about larger patterns of conversation around the news?

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