VIDEO: Willie Smits and Katy Payne

This week, join us as we learn how to rebuild a rainforest (with a plant used as currency in Indonesia) with biologist and activist Willie Smits, and listen as animal researcher Katy Payne samples jungle sounds to decode the language of elephants. Ready?

Watch Willie Smits on saving rainforests:

Biologist Willie Smits has spent the last thirty years searching for ways to restore fragile ecosystems. From his home in Indonesia – a leading producer of greenhouse gases – Smits has discovered a method of sustainable energy production: using the forest to generate biofuels with a carbon-positive impact.


Go Deeper:

- Willie is Chief Science Officer of Tapergy; find out more about their reforestation efforts and the Sugar Palm.
- Willie and Borneo Orangutan Survival using Google Earth to drive reforestation participation. (Oct 29, 2009)
- Willie is also known for and committed to orangutan research through (@redapes)

Watch Katy Payne on elephant songs

Animal communication researcher Katy Payne has been studying the sounds of African elephants and humpback whales for decades. Her research has led her to fascinating conclusions on how acoustic phenomena shape relationships and communities. In 1999, Payne founded the Elephant Listening Project to monitor elephants’ movements.

Go Deeper:

- Watch Katy Payne on CBS’s "60 Minutes."
- More on the "60 Minutes" shoot with Cornell researchers.
- Buy Katy’s book Silent Thunder on B Corp Better World Books.

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