Visual mashup of PopTech 2010

Every year during the PopTech conference, Peter Durand can be seen in a loge box, furiously working above the PopTech stage. During that time he produces nearly three dozen illustrations of speakers. These aren’t just ordinary sketches, though; rather, he distills the essence of each talk and conveys its overarching themes at a glance.

We’re excited to announce a mashup of Durand’s illustrations with photos by Kris Krug. Have a look at this free PDF, a visual record of the curated sessions from PopTech 2010.

Here’s a peek inside:

In the case of Alan Rabinowitz, Durand exposes Rabinowitz’s struggle with a childhood stutter, which the wildlife biologist overcame to become a leading expert in the preservation of the world’s big cats.

Tom Darden of Make It Right works with a team of world-class architects and designers to build green homes for residents of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, one of the city’s hardest hit areas from Hurricane Katrina.

DOWNLOAD and explore the rest of the 2010 PopTech Sketchbook.

A complete archive of PopTech illustrations by Durand can be viewed on Flickr.

Images: Peter Durand and Kris Krug

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