2015 Call for Nominations

The PopTech Social Innovation Fellows Program and Science Fellows Program serve visionary change agents who are incubating high-potential solutions to pressing national, regional and global challenges. Our programs are designed to provide a powerful toolkit for creating real and lasting impact. Fellows gain increased visibility, access to a year-round community of peers in many sectors and a world-class network of experts and supporters.

The program is competitive, selecting a small combined class of Fellows annually from a large pool of nominations. Fellows work toward positive social impact through a variety of approaches, for example:

  • Platforms: Transformational tools that can be put to work in many different settings worldwide.
  • Models: Effective new ways of getting a crucial solution, service or human right to where it is most needed.
  • Design for Impact: Generating the right new ideas, and making sure they create real benefit.

Before submitting a nomination, please read carefully the following priorities. We are seeking candidates who:

  • Work with highly disruptive breakthrough innovations to solve previously intractable problems.
  • Work in critical fields such as healthcare, livelihood development, humanitarian relief/rights, energy, green technology, environment, water, education and other areas with significant social impacts.
  • Have a positive track record as leaders in science and social innovation.
  • Work in organizations that are well positioned for scale and impact.
  • Are passionate leaders with a great potential for collaboration.

Fellows may be working within various economic models – for-profit companies, not-for-profit organizations, hybrid efforts, academia and open-source platforms. Fellows come from a wide range of geographies, and may be working to solve challenges within the United States and/or in other countries around the world.

Candidates must be nominated through the online form available at http://poptech.org/nomination/sifellows_2016_private.

Nominations are by invitation only and open through July 15, 2016.