Daniel Kish

PopTech 2011

Daniel Kish, blind since he was one-year-old, can navigate his bike through traffic-filled streets of southern California, trek through the woods solo, or locate a building over a thousand feet away—all using a click of his tongue and a technique he calls FlashSonar. He has collaborated with scientists and perception experts to develop the first systematic curriculum to train others in this technique of echolocation (the use of echoes from sound waves to create a sensory map of an area), allowing sight-impaired individuals to achieve total independence. CEO of World Access for the Blind, Kish has conducted hundreds of public seminars, university faculty workshops, and professional development trainings. Collaborating with families, school districts, rehabilitation agencies, and scientists, Kish has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of children who are deaf-blind, on the autistic spectrum, and those with sensory integration disorders.