PopTech Fellows Programs

PopTech’s two Fellows programs help accelerate the positive impact of world-changing people, projects and ideas:

Social Innovation Fellows Program

2009 PopTech Social Innovation Fellow Deb Levine

Around the world, visionary change agents are hard at work incubating new approaches to the planet’s toughest challenges. Yet they’re often doing so without taking advantage of the latest tools and thinking in technology, communications and innovation – or a network of experts, peers, and supporters who can help them truly change the world. The PopTech Social Innovation Fellows Program is designed to help fill that gap…

Science Fellows Program

Aydogan Ozcan presents at PopTech 2009

At a time when our nation and our planet face unprecedented challenges, the sciences have a more important role to play in society than ever before. Yet today surprisingly few working scientists and researchers become visible, actively engaged public leaders. The PopTech Science Fellows Program aims to address these issues by developing a corps of highly visible and socially engaged scientific leaders…

Bellagio/PopTech Fellows

The Bellagio/PopTech Fellows brings together a small, interdisciplinary group of four to six hand-selected artists, scientists, designers, technologists and social innovators at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Italy for a two-week immersion residency. The program is a unique incubator for unconventional, cross-disciplinary collaboration and also serves as a laboratory for the study of the nature of collaboration itself as a tool for creative problem-solving.