Hayat Sindi

PopTech 2011, 2010 PopTech Science and Public Leadership Fellow, 2009 PopTech Social Innovation Fellow

Hayat Sindi is a co-founder and director of Diagnostics For All, a nonprofit fusing biotechnology and microfluidics, dedicated to creating low-cost, easy-to-use, point-of-care diagnostics designed specifically for the 60% of the developing world that lives beyond the reach of urban hospitals and medical infrastructures. Currently a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, with Professor George Whitesides at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Sindi’s primary objective is to develop and deploy technology to developing areas of the world to improve healthcare. Sindi earned her Ph.D from Cambridge University, where she was appointed Senior Lecturer at the International School of Medicine, specializing in Pre-Clinical Education and Public Affairs of Cambridge Overseas Medical Program. In 2010, Sindi was the winner of the Mekkah Al Mukaram prize for scientific innovation, given by HRH Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. She was also named a 2011 Emerging Explorer by the National Geographic Society.

Hayat Sindi at PopTech 2009: