Nils Gilman

PopTech 2011

Nils Gilman is an intellectual historian from the University of California, Berkeley and the author of Deviant Globalization, an anthology that explores how globalized black market economies are challenging traditional state authority. Deviant globalization, hidden and powerful and growing worldwide at twice the rate of the legal economy, is described by Gilman as “human trafficking, drug dealing, gun running, cross-border waste disposal, organ trading, sex tourism, money laundering, transnational gangs, piracy (both intellectual and physical), and so on…Were one to construct an investment portfolio of illicit businesses, it would no doubt outperform Wall Street.” Gilman is a consultant with Monitor 360, with a focus on national economic development and security. He has led projects on topics as diverse as the security implications of climate change, the culture of hackers, and the global narcotics trade.