amiina is a Reykjavik, Iceland-based band with six members, Edda Rún Ólafsdóttir, Hildur Ársælsdóttir, María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir, Sólrún Sumarliðadóttir, Magnús Trygvason Eliassen and Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson (aka Kippi Kaninus). The band's origins date back to the late 1990s when four girls studying string instruments at the Reykjavík College of Music formed a string quartet, playing classical music. Shortly thereafter they began playing with various bands in Reykjavik. In 1999, the quartet joined Icelandic band Sigur Rós on stage. The collaboration has continued ever since with amiina contributing strings to Sigur Rós’ music on tours and on the albums "( ) ," "Takk," "Með Suð...," and "Valtari." In 2004 amiina’s first EP, "AnimaminA," was released, followed by the "Seoul" single in 2006, the album "Kurr" in 2007, a Lee Hazlewood collaboration on 7-inch vinyl "Hilli (at the Top of...)," in 2008, and the limited release EP "Re Minore" in 2009. In the autumn of 2007 drummer Magnús Trygvason Eliassen joined amiina on tours, adding percussion to the band’s textures. A few months later, in early 2008, a collaboration between Kippi Kaninus and amiina was established while preparing a show for the Reykjavík Arts Festival. The merging of Kippi Kaninus' electronics and rhythms with amiina's sounds and Magnús' percussion became the starting point for more established collaboration between the six musicians. Their last album, Puzzle, was released in September 2010. The band is currently working on new material, which will be released in 2013.
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