Astier M. Almedom

Astier M. Almedom, director of the International Resilience Program at Tufts University, is currently collaborating with colleagues at the Copenhagen School of Global Health (University of Copenhagen) in Denmark to develop a new "Master of Science in Global Health" degree program and preparing to embark on a new collaborative project with colleagues at Lund University's Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) in Sweden. Almedom was born and brought up in Asmara, Eritrea during the long struggle for independence that characterized the place and the people with the hallmark of human and (formal and informal) institutional resilience. Her participatory investigations and analyses demonstrated that Eritrea is as much a concept of universal appeal as it is a spatially defined home for a very small portion of humanity that is self-organizing, dynamic, vibrant, dignified and highly motivated to articulate its own narratives of resilience. Almedom's work has embraced and taken forward the late Aaron Antonovsky's theoretical and empirical inquiry into "how people manage stress and stay well" in new directions involving African languages and plural sense and sensibilities of coherence.
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