Chip Ransler and Manoj Sinha

Chip and Manoj are key principals behind Husk Power Systems, a for-profit company that’s created a proprietary technology to cost-effectively convert rice husks into electricity. The organization utilizes this technology in the production and operation of 35-100 kW mini power plants that deliver pay-for-use electricity to un-electrified villages in India’s “Rice Belt.” HPS pilot projects have become operationally profitable within six months, while delivering sustainable, environmentally-friendly, low-cost energy that is dramatically improving the lives of rural Indians.
  • Fellow PopTech 2008
  • Fellow 2008 Social Innovation Fellows

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This week in PopTech: Out of this world

This week in PopTech: Out of this world

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An Environmental Video Playlist for PopTech Talks

We celebrate thoughtful stewardship of natural resources and new ways to tackle issues of conservation and regrowth throughout the year, but as part of Earth Week, we would like to highlight a few PopTech speakers on these themes:

Fuel Alternatives

2007 Speaker Stefano Merlin on renewable bamboo, coconut waste and sawdust to power factories in Brazil.

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