David Bellwood

David Bellwood is a marine biologist working on coral reefs and has a keen interest in the role of fishes in maintaining coral reef resilience. A professor at James Cook University in Australia, and former director of the Centre for Coral Reef Biodiversity, Bellwood works in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. As an internationally recognized expert in coral reef fishes and systems, he is unusual among his peers because he combines skills in such disparate fields as ecology, palaeontology, biomechanics and molecular systems to understand the nature of reefs. Bellwood has published over 180 papers on topics ranging from the evolution of reefs to the effects of global markets on marine populations. Emerging from his historical examination of reefs around the globe is a clear view of a future for coral reefs in which humans play a central role.
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Speakers announced for PopTech 2012!

Speakers announced for PopTech 2012!

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