Gustavo Faleiros

Gustavo Faleiros is an environmental journalist and media trainer whose projects have focused on the Amazon and produced a network of journalists spanning nine countries and almost 200 stories, many using data-journalism concepts. A Knight Fellow at the International Center for Journalists and a media trainer, Faleiros created a course for journalists on using data-visualization tools and GPS devices. In addition to doing the difficult technical work of aggregating different data sources into one functional tool, Faleiros and his network have trained journalists on using ecological data in their work as well as how to visualize and communicate complex data issues to a general audience.
  • Fellow 2013 Bellagio/PopTech Fellows

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2013 Bellagio/PopTech Fellows Announced

2013 Bellagio/PopTech Fellows Announced

This August in Bellagio, Italy, the Rockefeller Foundation and PopTech are bringing together a group of select Fellows to participate in the inaugural offering of a unique collaborative incubator focused on topics relevant to the lives of poor and vulnerable populations.

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