John Doyle

John Doyle is a renowned systems scientist at CalTech and an expert in control and resilience in complex systems. As the John G Braun professor of control and dynamical systems, electrical engineer, and bioengineering, he has focused his research on the theoretical foundations for complex networks in engineering and biology, and specifically on architecture, and for multiscale physics. His early work explored the mathematics of robust control, including extensions to nonlinear and networked systems. Related software projects include the Robust Control Toolbox (muTools), SOSTOOLS, SBML (Systems Biology Markup Language), and FAST (Fast AQM, Scalable TCP). Prize papers include IEEE Baker, IEEE Automatic Control Transactions Axelby (twice), and best conference papers in ACM Sigcomm and AACC American Control Conference. Individual awards include AACC Eckman, and IEEE Control Systems Field and Centennial Outstanding Young Engineer Awards. Doyle has a BS and MS in EE, MIT (1977), and a PhD, Math, UC Berkeley (1984). He's also held national and world records and championships in various sports.
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Speakers announced for PopTech 2012!

Speakers announced for PopTech 2012!

How does a country in financial crisis rebound? How does a faltering company rally in the face of disaster? How does an individual spring back from personal tragedy?In an age marked by volatility of every kind, how do we help people and systems persist, and even thrive, amid disruption? How do we foster greater resilience?The answers could not be more pressing for companies, communities,

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