Lauren Heine

By applying green chemistry, green engineering and design for the environment to sustainable business practices, Lauren Heine is committed to developing safer chemical products. Heine is science director and partner at Clean Production Action and the principal of Lauren Heine Group, LLC. She works closely with the USEPA Design for the Environment Program to facilitate the development of DfE Criteria for Safer Chemicals. She also co-authored the Green Screen for Safer Chemicals, a method that rates chemicals based on their hazard characteristics and co-authored a textbook, Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3rd ed., which integrates sustainable development, cradle-to-cradle design, green chemistry, green engineering and sustainable materials management concepts. Additionally, Heine is co-chairing the buyers tool development subcommittee for Wal-Mart’s Sustainable Value Network for Chemical Intensive Products, co-founded the Zero Waste Alliance and was a Fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science in the Green Chemistry Program at the EPA. From 2003-2007, Heine served as director of Applied Science at Green Blue Institute where she created and developed CleanGredients™, a web-based information platform that was developed in partnership with the EPA’s Design for the Environment Program. Heine currently serves on the California Green Ribbon Science Panel and received her doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University.
  • Lab participant Ecomaterials Innovation Lab