Patrick Flanagan

The one-man band Jazari consists of machines that play the djembe drum, the bongos, and a variety of hand percussion instruments, all under the control Patrick Flanagan, who wields a custom-built controller and a Wiimote to improvise through his mechanical band-mates. Jazari has played between punk bands at outdoor rock festivals and in darkened, reverent art spaces. No humans have been hurt or made obsolete. Prior to working on Jazari, Patrick earned a Master’s degree in music composition at the University of Minnesota, where he studied primarily with Dr. Noel Zahler. As an undergraduate, he studied composition at Columbia University, where he encountered numerous luminaries of new music and music theory, including Fred Lehrdahl, Tristan Murail, Joseph Dubiel, and John McGuire. After college, a Fulbright scholarship brought Patrick to Germany to study composition at the Musik Hochschule in Cologne, where he took classes with two brilliant composers of the Feedback school, the late Johannes Fritsch and Clarence Barlow.
  • Performer PopTech 2010

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The Watts Riot at PopTech/Patrick Flanagan breaks out the Big Glove

The Watts Riot at PopTech/Patrick Flanagan breaks out the Big Glove

For the unitiated, it can be hard to tell when Reggie Watts is having you on.

A moment of awkward fumbling with mic cords and equipment goes on for too long until it becomes obvious that he’s having fun at your expense – you laugh even though you know he’s essentially mocking you for feeling sorry for him; a rich professorial English voice pontificates

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