Sarah Joseph

Sarah Joseph is the Editor of emel magazine, a lifestyle magazine with a Muslim focus. Launched in September 2003, emel is unique in Muslim media covering everything from current affairs to big name interviews, health to finance, education to environment, interior design to gardening. The magazine is the only Muslim magazine to achieve mainstream distribution and has readers in over 30 countries. Joseph has lectured on Islam both within the UK and internationally for over 15 years. She embraced Islam 18 years ago and has the fortunate position of experiencing two worlds. Sarah has attempted to use that position to promote mutual respect and understanding, and to act as a bridge for peace and tolerance. Joseph has been at the forefront of media appearances given the interest in Muslim issues, appearing on a variety of television programs including the BBC's Panorama and ITV's Jonathan Dimbleby, CNN, Al-Jazeera and other world media. Joseph has also scripted for and recorded for a variety of BBC and independent radio productions including Pause for Thought, Nicky Campell and Late Night Live. Joseph worked as a Specialist Researcher for the BBC's Learning Zone in the 2001 Islam series. She helped put together a new program called "Inspired by Islam," which looked at the contribution of Islam and Muslim heritage to contemporary Western life. Joseph has worked as a consultant on Islamic Affairs - exploring issues with, and providing diversity training to, employment, education, health bodies, and police on the beliefs and needs of Muslims in the UK. Joseph has a BA in Religious Studies from King's College London and did post graduate research into Britons Embracing Islam at the same institution. Joseph was awarded an OBE in the June 2004 Queen’s Birthday Honour’s List for services to inter-faith dialogue and to the promotion of women’s rights. She was listed as one of the countries most powerful Muslims in the Muslim Power 100 by Carter Andersen.
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