Victoria Hale

Haunted for years by the ravages of treatable diseases in the developing world, Victoria Hale was riding in a cab when she disclosed to the African driver that she worked for a pharmaceutical company. “Oh, oh! You’ve got all the money!” the driver exclaimed. The chance encounter sparked an idea. What if she was able to take “the money” out of the equation? Hale promptly quit her job and started developing a plan. She founded OneWorld Health, a nonprofit pharmaceutical company. The first of its kind in the U.S., OneWorld’s mission is to develop safe, effective, and affordable medicines for those most in need through collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies, governmental and non-governmental agencies, hospitals, and universities. OneWorld’s most stunning achievement to date is paromomycin, an antibiotic. Set to be manufactured and distributed in India, paromomycin could save thousands of lives a year. OneWorld’s next plan to impact the planet: making inexpensive production of mass amounts of malaria drugs a reality.
  • Speaker PopTech 2007