Recent press

  • “...One of the goals of PopTech’s Camden event is to create and maintain an active network of cross-disciplinary collaboration that lasts far beyond the event. And not only among its speakers, fellows, or even conference attendees, but anyone interested in joining the conversation–and action.” - CBS SmartPlanet
  • “It [PopTech] is not just a three-day conference; the nonprofit organization is actually a year-round think tank, mentoring organization, scientist and social innovators network, and cultivator of problem-solving labs, projects, and initiatives.” - Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • “The type of cross-disciplinary approach on display with PeaceTXT confronts that perennial problem in the social sector: there are a lot of folks with a lot of expertise that can be brought to bear on a single idea; but artificial industry boundaries thwart intermingling.” - Next Billion