Simon Hauger

PopTech 2011, PopTech 2010

Simon Hauger is an engineer turned inner-city high school math and science teacher. He began the Hybrid X Team at West Philadelphia High School 13 years ago to engage his students in math, science and engineering. The students in this after-school program have won multiple national competitions with the hybrid vehicles they designed and built. Their vehicles have even outperformed similar vehicles from top universities and corporations. In 2010, the team was honored at the White House.

The innovative approach to education that powered the Hybrid X Team to victory is the basis for a new school that Simon and his colleagues have begun. The Sustainability Workshop organizes its curriculum in the service of challenging students to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Simon and his wife have three wonderful children. He drives a super fast biodiesel Volkswagen Jetta that was built by the team. He loves his family and his car.