On June 24, PopTech, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Brooklyn Academy of Music convened a network of citizens, stakeholders, scientists, designers, innovators and leaders in Brooklyn, New York for a unique summit on urban resilience.

We live in a time of increasing volatility. Disruptions of all kinds – from the economic to the ecological, from the social to the geopolitical – arrive with little warning, from surprising directions, and leave serious consequences in their wake.

Amid this volatility, cities serve as both the epicenters of vulnerability, and the crucibles of resilience. And this raises a host of important questions: How do we empower communities to improve their self-reliance and act effectively on their own behalf? How do we build new social networks and social capital that cuts across socioeconomic lines? How do we physically build more resilient urban places and more resilient infrastructure? How do we use distributed technologies and ‘big data’ to sense and respond to emerging risks? How can new tools and platforms allow for rapid, creative responses to urban disruption? What are the roles of culture, of the arts and humanities? What is the role of leaders, of all types – governmental, corporate, social sector, citizen/volunteer – in bolstering resilience?

Introducing The City Resilient

On June 24, 2013, PopTech, The Rockefeller Foundation, BAM and our terrific partner organizations will convene at BAM for an in-depth discussion of these and other pressing questions, at a unique convening, entitled The City Resilient. Four hundred invited participants will be drawn broadly from the forefront of community, corporate and governmental leadership, technology, design, urban planning, philanthropy, and many fields of innovation, including participants from across the region, other cities, the United States and the world. The focus of the summit will be to explore the general dynamics of urban resilience, drawing on the lessons from Superstorm Sandy in New York, and from other disruptions in cities around the country and the world.

The event will feature staged talks, performances and discussions. All PopTech gatherings feature bold and visionary presentations from some of our world’s most compelling innovators, interwoven with extraordinary live performances and other one-of-a-kind surprises. Our tone is at once intimate and expansive, designed to foster deep relationships and the space and time to think, reflect, connect, and collaborate.

At The City Resilient, you will meet thinkers, leaders and doers engaged at the forefront of urban resilience and innovation. You will be able to share your work with an engaged and influential community; you’ll take home powerful new insights; and you will meet some fantastic potential partners, allies and friends. It promises to be an extraordinary and important gathering.

Your participation

To ensure its inclusiveness, The City Resilient is an invitation-only event. We invite you to request an invitation below. Unfortunately, due to significant demand, not all invitation requests may be fulfilled. We encourage you to request an invitation earlier rather than later

(Please note, there is a $100 administrative fee associated with this event, which will be charged at the time of registration. These fees are being used solely to provide limited grants to guests for whom participation would otherwise be a hardship. If this presents a challenge for you, please indicate so in your request.)

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