Hadiya Masieh-Headshot 2018 edit

PopTech ’19 Fellow: Hadiya Masieh

Hadiya Masieh is founder and director of Groundswell Project. An organization dedicated to finding, connecting and amplifying peacekeeping initiatives in communities that need help to come together.

For 10 years she belonged to an Islamist political organization and for the past 12 years, she has been working in community cohesion, interfaith relations, and counter-extremism, with a special interest in women’s involvement in extremism.
In conjunction with academics, former extremists, and tech/media companies, Hadiya has devised a unique methodology and toolkit to facilitate the work of community activists and help to build resilient communities which challenge hatred and division.

She has been a counter-extremism consultant for various governments, NGOs, and commercial organizations worldwide including Google and Facebook. Hadiya co-authored the European Parliament report on women involved in violent extremism and provided the data for the United Nations report on women’s involvement in violent extremism. She was UK Ambassador for Women Without Borders promoting counter-extremism narratives and was a board member of the internationally renowned and award-winning peacekeeping organization The Bereaved Families Forum based in Palestine and Israel.