Hadiya Masieh-Headshot 2018 edit

Hadiya Masieh

Hadiya Masieh is Director of CENTRI, an organization dedicated to addressing issues of Islamist radicalization amongst Muslim youth as well as educating and training organizations on the nature of radical groups, their theology and their practices. She is currently working on a unique piece of research commissioned by the UN on the subject of female radicalization. In addition, Hadiya works as a Community Cohesion Coordinator in London as part of the U.K. Counter Extremism Strategy for the Home Office.

From 1996-2007 Hadiya belonged to Hizbut Tahrir, a controversial radical Islamist group as a result of being recruited on university campus at aged 18. Since then, she has dedicated her time and energy speaking out against the separatist and dangerous notions of such radical groups. She uses her insights and experience to deter young people from taking the same path and advises government, NGOs and Global corporations on countering violent extremism.