Sculley, John1

John Sculley

John is former president and CEO of Pepsi; former CEO of Apple Computer; high-tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Named “Man of the Year” by Financial World, “CEO of the Decade” by Financial News Network and “Advertising Man of the Year” by Adweek as well as Ad Age, John draws from his boardroom experiences to offer valuable insight into leading change, the new global marketplace and the innovative concepts companies are developing to transform business.

John was Pepsi’s CEO for five years, during which time the company’s successful “Pepsi Generation” and “Pepsi Challenge” marketing campaigns enabled the brand to become the largest-selling packaged goods in America.

In 1983, Steve Jobs recruited John to Apple to bring big-brand marketing to the high-tech industry. Together, Jobs and Sculley successfully launched Macintosh and desktop publishing. During John’s decade as Apple’s CEO, Macintosh went on to become the #1-selling PC in the world.

Since leaving Apple, John has pursued venture capitalism. Successful early-stage companies he worked with, which either went public and/or were sold, include Professional SportsCare, Select Comfort, NFO Research, Intralinks, Hotwire and InPhonic.