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Normal Is Not Good Enough

Unchecked pandemic. Sitting president attempting to overthrow an election. A violent attack on our nation’s capital. Check out our latest video, Normal is Not Good Enough.

Join the PopTech community for a series of virtual conversations over the course of the opening months of 2021 as we explore pathways to a new normal. Details will be posted here and in the PopTech Newletter.

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Upcoming Virtual Events:

marina kelly

February 11, 430-530 PM EST.

We kick-off season two of our virtual Nuclear Mixer series with an interactive discussion on diversity and inclusion in the nuclear community featuring Mareena
Robinson Snowden and Kelli Newman Mason.

The Nuclear Mixer series features speakers from inside and outside the nuclear risk reduction sector discussing intersectional topics that impact the field and society at large. This program is a collaborative effort of PopTech and the N Square Collaborative. If you would like to be included on the invite list, please drop a note to [email protected]



sinan scott


February 18, 430-530 PM EST.

Digital Disruption 2021: A conversation with Sinan Aral and Scott Galloway, moderated by Moran Cerf, host and curator of PopTech.

Two leading authorities on digital trends will discuss their recent books The Hype Machine: How Social Media Disrupts Our Elections, Our Economy and Our Health – And How We Must Adapt (Sinan Aral) and Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity (Scott Galloway). Advance REGISTRATION is required via our virtual event partner, TechChange.

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