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For many, the pandemic has spurred reflective journeys on how we approach life – in our homes, in how we work, in how we communicate, and in what we value. And we’ve confronted questions – What did we truly miss? What do we want to return to? What would we like to let go of?


As we emerge from this prolonged period of isolation and introspection, we return with purpose. Bonded by shared experiences, we are excited to explore with new maps and new guides, relishing in the desire to define a new normal.


In early August we will be launching our new website and announcing a series of geographically distributed events that promise to enlighten, engage and drive action. In the meantime, we visited our archive to remind us of the generosity, authenticity and genius that is PopTech.

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Why PopTech:


Esther Perel – Modern Affairs:


Young Guru – Hip-Hop Culture and Piracy:


Stephani Coontz – The Dangers of Nostalgia:


Dmitri Alperovitch – The Second Oldest Profession – Cyberhacking Stories:
PopTech 2020

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Expanding the Edge of Change

PopTech is a global network committed to the vanguard of emerging technology, science, exploration and creative expression. From the renowned PopTech conference, to its globally recognized Fellows programs and collaborative initiatives, the organization stretches beyond the notion of passive idea-sharing, instead, cultivating a culture committed to robust exchange, instigation and action.

As PopTech enters its third decade, the organization is focused on leveraging its network to explore opportunities and the sense of possibility that reside within diverse sets of challenges. We deliver on our mission through research, consulting projects, convenings and the identification and training of some of the world’s most promising scientists and innovators.

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