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PopTech’s mission is to share insights that evolve at the intersection of popular culture, technology and civil society – a landscape rich in promise and peril. Check out Digital Disruption 2021, a provocative and sometimes humorous conversation with Sinan Aral and Scott Galloway. In the coming weeks, we continue our commitment to exploring all things promising and perilous.

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Upcoming Virtual Events:

Charlie Werzel Stuart Thompson

March 31, 430-530 PM EDT

Tracked: Surveillance in Your Pocket. We are honored to host a conversation with Charlie Warzel and Stuart Thompson of the New York Times, moderated by Moran Cerf. Our guests will discuss one of the greatest threats to personal privacy and civil liberties – the mobile phone. Their recent pieces, They Stormed the Capital. Their Apps Tracked Them and One Nation, Tracked provide captivating reporting on the smartphone tracking industry.

Advanced REGISTRATION is required via our virtual event partner, TechChange.


Emma Belcher David Gelber

April 8, 430-530 PM EDT

Join PopTech and N Square Collaborative for the next Nuclear Mixer. In recognition of Earth Day 2021, we will be exploring the intersections of climate and nuclear risk with Emma Belcher, President, Ploughshares Fund and David Gelber, Co-Founder and Chairman of The Years Project. Interested in attending? Please drop a note to [email protected].

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