Expanding the Edge of Change

As PopTech enters its third decade, the organization is focused on leveraging its network to explore opportunities and the sense of possibility that reside within diverse sets of challenges. We deliver on our mission through research, consulting projects, convenings and the identification and training of some of the world’s most promising scientists and innovators.

Gathering the Community

The Annual PopTech Conference

The PopTech conference serves as the annual gathering of a robust community of remarkable scientists, humanitarians, technologists, designers, artists, innovators, corporate and governmental leaders, academics, and those who defy tidy categorization. The purpose of the event is to explore, inspire, instigate and discover a shared potential that extends well beyond the reach of individual aspiration. The event is designed to push the limits of possibility – to create new territory for collaborative exploration. The role of a speaker is to instigate and inspire emerging bodies of work and next chapters in life – either collaboratively or as individuals.

Profiles in Possible

The PopTech Fellows Programs

Established in 2008, the PopTech Social Innovation and Science Fellows programs have produced a 170-member alumni network that serves as the innovation core of the organization. Fellows are routinely tapped to participate in a variety of initiatives hosted by PopTech. The Fellows alumni network works in over 100 countries, reaching and impacting over 300 million lives.

The Fellows programs are dedicated to helping scientists and social innovators scale promising approaches to some of the greatest challenges confronting humanity. Each year we select a small number of individuals to work with us on defined projects. Inclusion in the Fellows network is by nomination and invitation only. Inquiries may be directed to [email protected].

The Power of Network

PopTech’s key asset is its committed and passionate network. The organization draws on the eclecticism, diversity and expertise of this group to explore future trends in business, innovation, creative expression and social justice. Our speakers, fellows, funders and participants play important roles in much of the work we do – their partnership is key to our success as an organization.