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About PopTech

Bold thinkers. Big ideas.
Breakthrough actions.



PopTech is a global network committed to the vanguard of emerging technology, science, and creative expression. The organization stretches beyond passive idea-sharing, instead cultivating a culture defined by robust collaboration and action.


our impact

Ideas are one thing – taking action is another. Accelerating impact is at the core of PopTech’s mission. We deliver on this promise through our Fellows programs, incubated initiatives, and exploratory convenings.



We approach our work through a combination of research, curatorial prowess, facilitation, and immersive convening formats (salons, exploratories, and forums). We handpick unconventional venueslike cabins on mountains, opera houses, and laboratoriesall with the goal of deep engagement and collaboration.

Our documentary skills are renowned. White papers and case studies aren’t enough for us. We create catalytic multi-media assets to bring our work to life.



Our expertise pool is vast and diverserepresented by alumni, our Fellows programs, acclaimed speakers, advisors, academic colleagues, philanthropic funders, and corporate partners.


annual PopTech Conference

One of the longest-running thought forums in the U.S., the PopTech Conference is an annual gathering place for scientists, artists, humanitarians, and activists. It’s a playground for forward-thinkers that catalyzes what’s next.

Described as “an intimate jewel box in the crowded world of conferences,” PopTech skips the velvet ropes, opting for inclusiveness and authenticity.

our history


Founded in 1996

Founded in 1996 by technology luminaries Robert Metcalfe, inventor of the Ethernet, and John Sculley, former CEO of Apple, PopTech is a dynamic network of great thinkers and doers connected by a common thread—a drive to answer today’s toughest challenges.

From explorers of the cosmos to Grammy winners and CEOs, PopTech is committed to advancing humanity through unconventional collaboration.


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