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Ben Dubin-Thaler

Ben and his team of 20 at the non-profit BioBus have since created a new paradigm in science education that has empowered 200,000 students to reach their full scientific potential. ​

Students, primarily in low-income NYC communities, have discovered the spark of science excitement aboard high-tech mobile labs staffed by Ph.D. and masters level scientists. At BioBus’s network of BioBase community labs, students hone their scientific skills through in-depth research projects, while classroom teachers learn to do research projects in their classroom.

BioBus supporters include the Simons Foundation, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, New York State, the City of New York, Columbia University, Olympus America, and many individuals. BioBus’s externally validated model  is an efficient, scalable method for achieving a radical broadening of scientific participation and understanding that has the potential to not only transform the role of science in communities across the nation and around the world, but to empower those communities to instigate broad change. Learn more and get involved at​​ and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.