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Nusrat Durrani

Nusrat infuses American culture with global influences across film, music and fashion by creating platforms for unheard voices and telling untold stories from around the world. He is a frequent social innovation honoree for his work advancing culture, a prolific public speaker and panelist, and the recipient of significant press recognition in the media. He was invited to meet President Obama for his work spotlighting young Native American artists and has collaborated with the White House on films about indigenous youth.

Most recently, Nusrat founded and served as General Manager & Sr. Vice President at MTV World, Viacom Media Networks’ visionary global content incubator and innovation engine. While there, he developed and nurtured a vast, unprecedented network of cutting-edge creative talent in 45 countries to successfully launch and build new businesses in multiple formats, with the revolutionary vibe of early MTV. Prior to creating MTV World, Nusrat held a number of executive positions at MTV Networks, and was an integral member of the team that executed MTV’s entry into the digital realm and launched MTV.COM.

A native of India, Nusrat is an accomplished photographer and inveterate international traveler with deep interest in the world and empathy for its people and cultures. He has spent time volunteering in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and spoken forcefully about their plight at conferences around the world. His current passion projects include developing a line of furniture inspired by David Bowie, launching a progressive fashion brand with his wife, Afshan, and developing two books on travel photography. A vegetarian who rides a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle in summer, Nusrat and his wife live in Brooklyn, New York with their teenage daughter, Laila.