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Recipe for a good marriage

While marriage used to be about day to day survival, today we look for so much more. As our expectations have changed, divorce rates have climbed. At the same time, the best marriages today are the best marriages that the world has ever known. Not your grandmother’s marriage.

Rethinking our digital future

Ramesh Srinivasan speaks to the inherent biases embedded in contemporary technology and asks us to reimagine a more inclusive technology. Because “we can do better.

MBA industrial complex

“Educate an enlightened managerial elite.” So states the mission of many business schools. Is the structure of business education capable of promoting moral behavior over the desire for exponential growth and personal gain?

Wisdom of finance

Over the last four decades, the performance of financial markets has brought 1-2 billion people out of poverty and helped level income inequity globally. At the same time, we have witnessed extreme market dysfunction that has resulted in moral and ethical upheavals. Mihir Desai explores how the integration of humanities may be key to reforming markets.

Ethics of sculpting evolution

How might supervillains take over the world, and what can we do about it? Kevin Esvelt, the first to identify the potential for CRISPR “gene drive” systems to alter entire populations of organisms, is calling for a new scientific method that is both open and gives beneficiaries a say in the process.


Multi-medium artist Alexa Meade describes how a challenging school assignment inspired her to explore how to get ‘unstuck’ in life and art. She’s joined by Aza Raskin, who takes this concept and applies it to self-reflection in an age of highly curated public image and the importance of self-empathy.

Intersection of science and culture

What kinds of stories should we be telling about science? Scientist and storyteller Clifford Johnson says that “We’re supposed to believe that if you understand how a flower works because of scientific investigation, that somehow undermines the beauty of the flower. But science, if anything, can enhance our appreciation of the world.”

Raw beauty of collaboration

Returning Poptech favorite, beatboxer Rahzel is joined by electric violist Martha Mooke to share their collaborative jazz/classical/hip-hop/spoken word project, Beats Per Revolution.